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Posted 10:29 am by David Bourgeois

Chris Scharling Leaves Voice Coaches

Many of our clients have had an opportunity to work with Voice Coaches Lead Engineer Chris Scharling over the past three years. Chris began as an engineering assistant and worked his way up to engineering and producing our projects for clients including Discovery Network, HGTV, The New York State Governors Office, and many others. Chris also provided voice over services to a broad range of clients. Last Friday was Chris’s last day as a full time member of our team. He will remain an audio consultant on a part time basis with both Voice Coaches and our sister company Bourgeois Farmer Productions. We are proud to report that Chris accepted a position with video gaming leader Vicarious Visions. The company, a division of activision, is responsible for creating some of the best selling video games of all time. Because of confidentiality agreements Chris must remain tight lipped about some of his upcoming audio assignments, but we can tell you he is currently working on continued development for the infamous game Guitar Hero.

This is an enormous opportunity for Chris who is a lifelong gaming enthusiast.

He wanted to ensure that I conveyed his wish of success to all those he has worked with.

For Voice Coaches, although Chris’s departure is a great loss, it should act as a reminder to our clients that we are very serious about placing our students with instructors like Chris who have significant industry skill and knowledge.

The only trouble is… many of our folks inevitably are recruited!!

Please leave a comment for Chris. I know he would love to see them!!

Thanks For Everything Chris!

David at Voice Coaches

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