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Posted 3:29 pm by David Bourgeois

Why a CD Demo Is A Critical Component For Building Success

Here is a question that I hear from time to time, typically from an individual new to our field…

Do I really need a CD demo or can i just email my demo as an mp3?

As technology and the availability of technology has increased, the ability to deliver your demo through some web-optimized method has become important. Services like the wonderful folks at voices.com also require you, in most cases, to be able to send your demo via the internet.

However, and this is a great big however, the prospect of singularly marketing yourself through a web based demo can significantly limit your chances for success.

The first thing to consider: What happens when you receive an email with an attachment from someone you don’t know?! In almost all cases it goes straight to junk!

Another thing to consider: It is very easy to hit the “delete” button. Hitting the delete button is much easier than ignoring a physical piece of mail.

I receive many demos on a weekly basis, and the vast majority of those demos are on a CD. In some cases we follow up with the person and request an mp3, but a CD demo does help set an individual apart as a professional.

My best suggestion as someone who is fortunate to both train voice over artists and produce professional voice over work: Give yourself every advantage by presenting your demo as both a physical CD, and as an mp3. By offering both methods of delivery, you’ll put yourself in a tremendous position for a broad range of work opportunities.

Additionally, If you’ve put together a demo and need CDs, they are not expensive. I do suggest that you stay away from making 500 or 1000 CD demo copies. Try to limit any CD order to 100 because your demo will change as you do new work. You don’t want to be saddled with 500 CDs filled with an old demo. (though they do make nice drink coasters)

Also, always be sure to package any CD you send out in a full size CD case so that the sides or “spines” of the CD can be labeled. This will make locating your CD easy when it is stored on a shelf with others.

Bottom Line… CDs are an inexpensive and critical component of your successful self-marketing efforts.

Enjoy What You Do!

David at Voice Coaches

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