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Posted 5:50 pm by David Bourgeois

Adopting an “Almost” All About The Money Attitude”

In addition to voice over training, a great deal of the work that I do involves hiring professional voice actors and producing them through a variety of material. because of this, you will certainly never hear me suggesting that the voice over field isn’t lucrative. Frankly for the effort and time commitment involved in a typical VO session, the income can be hard to beat!


I do have to say that I have often found, particularly in new voice over artists, that the folks who are pursuing our field singularly for money, often struggle. Again, it is not because the field is not lucrative. In my experience, an initial struggle in building success is often the result of a lack of perseverance.

For this reason I always strongly recommend a secondary motivation to anyone pursuing this field. Income is a great first motivation, but when coupled with other reasons to stick with it, you have a serious recipe for success.

Here is my short list of reasons (other than money) to pursue voice over work. Don’t worry, once you get your first paying gig, there is little chance you will quit. These secondary motivations are designed to help keep you in it until that first job.

1. Because you think you will enjoy it!

2. Because you can picture yourself doing it!

3. Because you know other folks doing it are not better than you!

4. Because you have always wanted to!

5. Because you will regret never trying!

I would love to hear some ideas any of you have!!

Best Regards!

David at Voice Coaches

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