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Posted 3:15 pm by David Bourgeois

I have been fortunate to meet aspiring Voice Actors with an enormous range in goals. One thing that they have in common is that for some reason they were motivated to stop thinking about their goals and instead begin to pursue them. There are many potential motivations for this, but today I felt sincerely compelled to mention one. Our industry lost Voice Actor Don LaFontaine on Monday. Beyond his enormous professional success, he created increased awareness of our field. I am sure many of the clients I have been fortunate to work with were motivated in some way by Don and I feel compelled to post my most sincere gratitude and respect for what he brought to Professional Voice Acting. Historically there have been but a handful of individuals in any form of media or entertainment who were true motivators, and it is clear that Don LaFontaine is one of those few. The entire Voice Coaches family extends well wishes to Don’s family and friends, and to those who he inspired. His work will continue to inspire for decades to come.

Most Sincerely

David at Voice Coaches

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