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The Good Ole CD

09.23.08 | Education | David Bourgeois

Why a CD Demo Is A Critical Component For Building Success Here is a question that I hear from time to time, typically from an individual new to our field… Do I really need a CD demo or can i just email my demo as an mp3? As technology and the availability of technology has [...]

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Other Motivation

09.16.08 | Motivation | David Bourgeois

Adopting an “Almost” All About The Money Attitude” In addition to voice over training, a great deal of the work that I do involves hiring professional voice actors and producing them through a variety of material. because of this, you will certainly never hear me suggesting that the voice over field isn’t lucrative. Frankly for [...]

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Recognizing The Difference

09.11.08 | News | David Bourgeois

Voice Coaches has the opportunity to work with a Television star who knows that voice acting & voice over training require some unique skills! When our Administrative Director Kristen told me that I had a message from a John James, my reaction was something like, “imagine if it was the guy from Dynasty!” … turns [...]

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Inspiration To Many

09.02.08 | News | David Bourgeois

I have been fortunate to meet aspiring Voice Actors with an enormous range in goals. One thing that they have in common is that for some reason they were motivated to stop thinking about their goals and instead begin to pursue them. There are many potential motivations for this, but today I felt sincerely compelled [...]

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