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Great Response!

Posted 5:28 pm by David Bourgeois

Nearly a week after our second Advanced Self marketing Expo wrapped up, we are still receiving an enormous amount of feedback about the event. Below are some excerpts of emails and correspondence we have received.

Thanks, David. What a terrific event! I got what I came for  a renewed sense of excitement, enthusiasm and most of all, inspiration. Again, thanks for a great conference  you and your team did an awesome job! Best, Betsy

The conference exceeded all expectations (and they were high to begin with). It was well-organized, professional and packed with good, substantive information. The speakers/panel were great. I’m so glad I attended. Thank you again for your unbeatable commitment to your students and clients. Natalie

Hello David, Dan Goldman here. I just wanted to say thanks once again for a wonderful Marketing Expo II. In reference to the event the following adjectives come to mind: * Invigorating * Inspiring * Recharging * Communicative * Fun * Rewarding What a great event and what a thrill it was to meet Rodney Saulsberry in person, chat with him, shake his hand and to have his book I purchased while there, signed by him. It is a thrill to know how dedicated you and VoiceCoaches are to the craft of VoiceActing and that is how I like to think of it, as a craft. You and your team have pure undying dedication through your offered services, open communication and a genuine willingness to help; and I greatly understand and appreciate that. I want to greatly increase my business, help others in our craft and deliver to my clients and everyone a super-quality product. Once again, BRAVO on Marketing Expo II !!!

David and Anna, Thank you so much for having us down to speak and for treating us to dinner. You guys have it going on! Congratulations on another successful conference. We’re proud to be part of what you are doing and look forward to the next time we get to see each other. I also want to note that the entire Voice Coaches team is fabulous. We felt right at home and part of the family. Can’t wait to do it again :) Best wishes,

Stephanie and David Voices.com

If you want to learn more about our panelists, visit the Vox Daily Blog at Voices.com. Stephanie and David have done a great job outlining the important points covered by each presenter.

Until next time, Best Regards!

David at Voice Coaches

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