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Marketing Expo 2008

Posted 12:36 pm by David Bourgeois

Here We Go!

I am delighted to announce that Voice Coaches, in association with the GE Theater in Schenectady, will present our second annual “Advanced Self Marketing Expo” on Saturday, May 3rd.

This year’s event will feature speakers and industry pros from coast to coast, including Voice Pro and Author Rodney Saulsberry, Super Agent Billy Serow, Voices.com Founders Stephanie and David Ciccarelli, Gaming VO Producer Evan Skolnick, Televsion Host and VO Pro Evan Farmer as well as guests including Film and Television actor John James and the entire Voice Coaches team.

For more info about this event check it our here: Marketing 2008

I look forward to meeting many of you at the event, and for those who cannot attend, I will post as much information as I can after the event concludes.

Best Regards!

David at Voice Coaches

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