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Posted 4:22 pm by David Bourgeois

I had an opportunity to regain some perspective last week by getting to know around 1200 10th graders! I was invited to speak and interact with teens attending a day-long career exploration day at a local college. The event was great and the folks I met, all 10th graders from across New York’s Capital Region, were even better. An interesting thing I heard throughout the event was the inability for these teens to conceive that someone would actually choose not to follow through and do the thing they want to do in life. I met young men and women who wanted to be musicians, actors, broadcasters, and even a couple who had aspirations in voice acting. The thing that struck me as interesting is that nearly all of them were determined to pursue and be successful doing what they WANTED to do. Not doing it never even crossed their minds. Now, conversely, I have spoken to groups across the country on Voice Acting and Ethics in Acting Training. In these groups the average age of my student is probably 50 something. Many of these folks want to and always wanted to do something like voice acting…the difference is… most of them never will! Certainly makes me wonder what things might be like if people actually did the things they wanted to do in life! Whether you want to pursue Voice Acting, fly a plane, learn pottery, or sail the world, on behalf of 1200 10th graders and myself… GO FOR IT!

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