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The Break-In Mentality

Posted 10:29 am by David Bourgeois

Respect our industry

Voice Acting is a business. It is a business in which professionals count on other professionals to provide a service that requires knowledge and skill. These days however, it seems as though there is a lot of banter in the training community about “Breaking In” to our field. The folks who ply such terminology are beginning to make the educational side of our field sound like a day at the used car lot. In this case,I want to make our opinion quite clear: Voice Acting is not something that you break into. Success in Voice Acting is not about luck or a magic formula. Voice Acting, like any other professional endeavor is something you educate yourself about, develop skill in, and pursue as a professional.

I feel that even those coaches out there who use terms like “break in” as a loose synonym for “get started” are acting irresponsibly and are using hype to lure individuals who know nothing about our field. This is unfortunate because in many cases, the aspiring voice actor’s targeted quickly become disillusioned. Whether it’s Voice Acting or any other creative endeavor, I strongly suggest that you recognize that there are professional skills required for long-term success. Learn about, develop skill in, persevere at, and thoroughly enjoy every aspect of the process!

Leave “Breaking In” as a possible solution to your keys being locked in your car.

Best Regards!

David at Voice Coaches

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