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Common Senses 101

Posted 8:44 pm by David Bourgeois

I can’t bite my tongue on this one!

Here is a concept that I am wondering if any of you out there find the least bit strange. “Pay Us For Training And We Will Get You Work”! You see this all the time in a variety of industries, often related to the entertainment industry. The idea that any training entity can guarantee you work simply because you pay them for training isn’t just odd, it is misleading and typically a lure used to ply those who are looking for a magical super-easy road to success. In our field, you don’t pay to be cast in a role. That’s not how it works. You are cast based on your voice and your ability to repeatedly put yourself in a position to be hired. Unfortunately Pay To Work scams seem to be on the increase in both Voice and On Camera acting disciplines. On the upside I had the opportunity to speak at an event in California with representatives of AFTRA. SAG, the BBB, and the California Attorney General’s office, and it looks as though there may soon be legislation there against this practice. In the mean time be smart! Companies like Voice Coaches should remain dedicated to education. Leave casting to casting and talent agencies!

Any thoughts or experiences?… Please share ‘em.

Best Regards!

David at Voice Coaches

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