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Anna is the Voice Coaches equivalent of Monet, Frida Kahlo, or Andy Warhol (depending on the day). In-house, we like to say that her designs, like a good voice actor, speak for themselves. To our clients, we like to say that her designs span the gamut from corporate-professional to whimsical and iconic. But simply put, her designs are brands. In addition to producing dozens of media pieces for professional Voice Actors (not to mention our in-house materials), Anna has created digital assets for UPS and private clients across many disciplines.

When Anna isn’t designing personalized business cards, postcards, or websites for our most serious clients, you can find her simultaneously walking two cats and two dogs...on one leash.

2 Cats (Kevin and Jasper) + 2 Dogs (Barbara and Spumoni)

Favorite Art Form:

I’m Watching:
Black Mirror

I’m Listening to:
Tyler Swift’s newest single

Anna Aucompaugh

Graphic Designer

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